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Our Successful Students

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Asad Junaid


A networking professional is expected to have a specific  set of qualities and skills to excel in their role. These qualities contribute to their effectiveness  and success in the field of networking and IT.

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Mohsin Raza


A successful marketing professional possesses a unique  set of qualities and skills that contribute to their effectiveness in the field. These qualities and characteristics can very depending on the specific marketing  role and industry, but  there are some common traits that are valuable  for anyone in marketing.

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Muhammad Shehzad

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a specialized field within marketing, and a successful digital marketing professional possesses a unique set of qualities and skills that are tailored to the digital landscape.


Our Top Product

eSales Analyst

eSales Analyst is Pakistan’s Point of Sale (POS), Accounting & Inventory Software. It’s a Cross Platform Software (Desktop,Android,Web) suitable for retail, wholesale and trading businesses.
Maqbool Solutions POS Software is serving the industry from last four Years.

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Customer Focus

 We make it our business to comprehend our customers’ business, targets and needs, and we work together with them to discover best results that reaches them or surpass them.


We have created a repeatable, powerful software development methodology surveyed at SEI CMM level 3 that guarantees the high caliber of administration and effective conveyance to our worldwide customer base.