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Laboratory management system

Laboratory Management System

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Laboratory Analysis Software is the product of Maqbool Solutions. It is a complete solution for Diagnostic centers/ laboratories to manage their work flows and interface with lab machines. It is designed to streamline the work flows, right from specimen accessioning through results reporting. Lab Analysis Software helps users to place requests into the system for proficient and collective analysis of patient’s specimens. It automates the investigation request and the process involved in delivering the results to the concerned department/doctor of the hospital. Sample Analysis results can be entered into system and facilitates for sample criteria details such as pending, re-run. It has provision to enter the details of rejected samples and creation of laboratory reports. The various software features include:

Pre-configured Tests

System has many pre-configured lab test and user can create more. In lab test request you can select appropriate test to be performed on the patient and that can be invoice.Lab request and result can be maintained separately other than appointment. You can print individual as well as combined report for lab Request and Result.

Appointments for Lab Test

Appointments can be maintained for lab test. Test requests and results are linked with appointment. System can generate invoice based on choice. System has ability to provide concession through price list. You have facility to print report for both request and result.

Test Units & Billing

System has many pre-configured test units and user can create many more. In lab test result you can select appropriate unit to show result.System provides an option to do Patient Billing against Lab Appointment. Maintaining patient billing is simple and easy. To handle transactions and payment is also very easy.

Patients Detail

Patients details can be maintained very easily along with Tests. Search and select is quite easy. While booking any appointment system allows creating new patient details on fly.