Property Management System

Property Management System

A complete solution of property management.

Either you are a property dealer or a commission agent, it's of utmost help to you.

This solution covers all aspects of your worries to manage dealings, processing as well as record for your complete business related to property, regardless to the types of property concerned. This is a simple yet powerful platform that integrate all the activities like creating seller/buyer, joining them, preparing deal documents, agreements and carrying out the follow up etc. It also provides functionality to manage accounts, stocks, profits, shares and expenses.

Admin Panel

Tracks and records data and adjustments.

On Line Portal

This module allow user to view record and also pay arrears.

Finance Management

This module is used for finance

management for example:

• Stock management

• Fee record

• Fine record

• Staff salary

Easy Reporting

This module is used for generating report for export or printing propose.