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Maqbool Solutions is providing web solutions and services also. A website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. A website may be accessible via a public Internet Protocol (IP) network, such as the Internet, or a private local area network (LAN), by referencing a uniform resource locator (URL) that identifies the site. Maqbool Solutions is providing solutions by creating front end design and back end coding of the websites. It is also providing facility of web hosting and also providing online services. It is also providing online marketing facility. Web designing works on the principle of achieving a design that not only attracts users but also works fast at delivering a brand image. A good professional looking site translated to a good company and vice versa. So a good website design is your hook, it is the first impression your personality makes on a potential client. Which is why, a website design needs to be relevantly themed (according the service provided), professional, well planned, and well designed. It also needs to convey why your service is better, than your competitor’s.

Keeping these factors in mind and designing an efficient website is a skill that comes from years of experience and a well put together team. At Maqbool Solutions, our team of designers approaches each new project analytically, and work to highlight what’s important and what potential customers will look for. Our designs are site specific, and work at capturing the essence of what our customers are trying to relay. We keep communication lines very open with our clients during the project, to be able to deliver exactly what they’re looking for. We understand that your service is unique and offers something different to its clients that competitors do not. That is why we spend time and energy to create designs that are unique, and represent your brand in a way that's not quite like anything else.

Maqbool Solutions is an IT company providing web solutions for creating a number of Websites.It has specialized in website design and development particularly personal websites, Brochure type websites, information websites, social media websites, e-commerce and educational websites.We designed websites to attract all types of customers by identifying and addressing their needs. It is widely explored and seen by the business prospects and associates of the forward and backward supply chain of the company; so it must have something to satisfy their queries. Our websites are 100% customized and developed based on our client's requirements using the latest tools and technologies in order to give the website visitors the best experience ever. We offer a number of packages for our website development solutions. You can contact for any type of website having different features.

Static Website:

Maqbool Solutions has team of experts and professionals providing static website solutions. It is a custom made, stand-alone website with no content management system. These websites are perfect for small businesses where content is not changed very frequently.

CMS Website:

Content Management System is a web based system used to manage contents of a website. It also allows users to update content using a secure back-end framework. You can change text, upload pictures/videos, receive data from visitors and much more. It will have a user friendly interface to add, modify or remove contents displayed in a website, users with little or no technical knowledge can perform these tasks easily. CMS can be built for all types of websites discussed above but will add some additional cost for its development. However, it helps to keep the website up-to-date and dynamic. It is perfect for businesses that change their content frequently in order to keep their clients engaged.

e-Commerce Website:

The purpose of an e-Commerce website is to reach the online market and do business over the internet. It allows you to buy or sell your goods, products or services using the internet and keep a track of everything including shipped goods, returned goods and payments. These types of websites will have one or more payment gateways to process online transactions. Popular examples for these kinds of websites are ebay.com and amazon.com.

Custom Software Website:

Regardless of what your requirement is, it facilitates you to get developed software based on your requirements and make it a part of your website. It is best for any organization that wants to use the power of the internet to generate leads, increase efficiency and maximize revenue with customer satisfaction.