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Highest Earning Website in Pakistan

  1. www.Jang.com.pk

    Jang.com.pk is an Pakistani famous Jang newspaper website. Daily basis newspaper is being uploaded on this website along with latest national and international news. According the Alexa.com Jang paper website has 1529 rank in the world and 14 in the country. This website has daily income of 2160 dollar and monthly has 6,300,000 (Sixty-Three Lac). This is top website in Pakistan which is earning a huge amount monthly.

  2. www.OLX.com.pk

    This site is basically advertisement based website where people post free ads and get their desired purposes. It is mainly used for sale purchase purposes of different products. OLX website is most famous website in Pakistan. According to Alexa.com (which is analytical website) OLX has globally 1639 rank and in Pakistan it has 11 Rank. OLX has more than 160,000 visitors monthly and earning 2010 US Dollar daily and monthly income of OLX is near to 6,000,000 (Sixty Lac).

  3. www.Express.com.pk

    Express is also news websites and 3rd highest earning website in Pakistan. More than 140,000 visitors visit this site on daily basis. According to Alexa ranking it has globally 1914 and nationally 16 Rank. The daily earning of this website is near to $1669 thus it is earning about 5,000,000 (Fifty Lac) per month.

  4. www.Geo.tv

    Geo.tv is another famous news channel website in Pakistan. It has 2258 globally and nationally has 30 Rank. Geo.tv is having daily good traffic and due to this earning 1453 Dollar on daily basis and monthly income is near to 4,359,000 (Forty-Three Lac and 59 Thousand) per month.

  5. www.Tribune.com.pk

    Tribune is an nationally and international news bases website and has monthly visitor about 85,000. Tribune has 5972 Rank in the world and has 81 Rank in Pakistan. This website is earning through advertisements 576 Dollars Daily. The monthly income of Tribune is 1,728,000 (Seventeen Lac and Twenty-Eight Thousand).

  6. www.Rozee.pk

    Rozee.pk is actually an job relating website where jobs opportunities ads are posted and millions of people are member of this website and remain in touch about new jobs vacancies in Pakistan. More than 85,000 visitor visits is site and according to Alexa it has 6997 worldly Rank and has 52 in Pakistan. Rozee.pk is earning 480 Dollar Daily and monthly 1,440,000 (Fourteen Lac and Forty Thousand).